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Excerpts from "Women in the Pews" by Jacqueline McEwan
Written by Jacqueline McEwan   
Monday, 06 July 2009 11:22

In this season of great progress for women in the marketplace and the church, many are still bound by the traditional beliefs that hinder their gifts and calling. These are women capable of functioning in not only subordinate positions, but leadership roles too. These same females are filling churches everyday and are well qualified to take the church to another level of God’s plan for His kingdom. A throng of these women are being overlooked in the churches. Churches are enjoying the increase in the tithes and offerings being brought in by these high-end salary making ladies.


When the subject concerning participation of women in public worship is discussed, whether in a negative or a positive context, Paul’s, writings related to women in the church and home settings unquestionably, are mentioned. While some of the controversial issues confronting women in the preaching role of ministry are shared in this book, every female called into ministry may never preach before a podium or sit in a pulpit. Missing in Christendom are still women with a high regard for the ministry that has no public face and those ministries that are limited in resources or without any financial gain.

The ministry field for women of today is wide open. Women are capable of seizing life’s moments to succeed in any venture. Our struggles are constant, but we can learn to bypass obstacles and allow the manifestation of God’s grace and power to take charge. He can disband defeat and failure in the mind of the woman. Each woman has a divine purpose and many in ministry do have a unique calling.

The circumstances in which God calls the women to do His will may completely be out of the norm. Faith in Him must take precedence over what the natural eye sees. By no means is it God’s design to replace men with women just because they are women. If men are not doing what they are suppose to do, God will most surely replace them and it can be a willing female. Women are consistently preparing themselves to step into almost any leadership responsibility and they will serve well in it.

So many women are living out God’s plan in a gigantic way. It is not just working well at what you do, but making sure what you are doing has a positive impact. Even in the far-reaching increase in ruling women, there remains that need for women to fill positions that take on the more subservient responsibilities. Everyone can not be in leadership.

Although new opportunities have developed for women to minister to both men and women and to excel to the height of ordination, remaining are several other vacant or overlooked ministry assignments that women need to fill. It is so important that whatever arena God places us, there are more than enough opportunities to minister in that position. Let us always keep in mind that God will make us adequate for whatever ministry He calls us to carry out. What is shared in this book concerning the roles for women in ministry is simply a tip off the iceberg. It is high time for the gifting of women to be released from the church pew.

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline R. McEwan and her husband Elder Leander McEwan are senior pastors of Higher Place of Praise Ministries in Forestville, MD. Book Tea Saturday, June 27th – 3:00-5:00pm. 7973 Parston Drive, Forestville, MD. For information call  (301) 420-2466.


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